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Woodlands Nursery and Preschool is a full day-care facility registered for 38 children, comprising of 32 children aged between 2 years and 5 years old and 6 children under 2 years of age.

The nursery is open for 51 weeks per year, closing only for Bank Holidays and one week between Christmas and New Year.

The nursery has been the partnership of Andrea Yates and Sarah Ives since September 2010; they have been at Woodlands Nursery and Preschool for over 10 years.

The nursery operates under the guidance and regulations of Ofsted. We have many policies and procedures which help us govern and encourage good practice within the setting. These ensure a high quality of care from the practitioners that work at Woodlands.


Walking Bus and Afterschool Club

Walking Bus to and from Minster Primary School Only and Afterschool Club for children aged 4 to 11 years old.With the challenges that face parents when their child moves to school, working hours do not always coincide. This eases the worries of working parents by providing a safe and stimulating environment for the child.

 Fully qualified and trained staff would care for the children and encourage them to participate in a range of activities. The children would be able to get involved with planning their own activities.

 The range of activities and same age company will ensure the children will have an enjoyable time and develop young minds.

Most school children are very active and older children like competitive games such as football, where as some school children will come from a long day at school and just wish to play alone or ‘‘chill out’’. All these elements would be fulfilled to the child’s individual needs.

For more information telephone 01795875849 or email sarah@woodlandspreschool.co.uk.





I CAN Accreditation

A huge well done on the successful outcomes of our I CAN accreditation visit.

CAN Early Talk Accreditation Standards: An Enhanced Service for Children’s Communication

Our setting  had to show that all staff meet the competences of (i), (ii) and (vi) below, and that the remaining competences are demonstrated across the setting:

(i) Know about speech language and communication development

(ii) Be able to apply strategies to the pre-school setting to support children’s communication

(iii) Be able to identify speech, language and communication needs

(iv) Have an understanding of how to adapt the early years environment to support children with communication needs

(v) Understand the importance of and develop collaborative practice

(vi) Be able to identify three personal communicative targets for implementation in the workplace.

All the practitinoers worked together to bring together a portfolio of evidence of how we support the children within our setting, we were observed by two accreditors who obseved our interaction with the children, parents and other practitinoers, they also chatted with the children and their parents aswell as discussions with all practitioners within our setting.


Free For 2′s Info

Guidance for parents and carers

• Kent County Council’s Free For 2 scheme is • currently offering 15 hours free childcare for eligible 2 year olds during term time.

If you do qualify for a free childcare place, children’s centre staff will help you find a registered Early Years Provider or Eligible Childminder. Not all providers are registered to offer the Free Entitlement so it is important that you check with the children’s centre before deciding where to place your child.

• Your child may be entitled to a free place if you are in receipt of certain benefits and your child’s date of birth falls within a particular date range.

• The offer is available term time only for the two terms directly before the 3 year old funding starts .

• If you do not qualify for a free childcare place, children’s centre may be able to offer other support and guidance.

Important: You will not be eligible if your household is in receipt of Working Tax Credit.

For more information, visit your local Children’s Centre. Staff will be happy to talk to you about the scheme and help you find out if you are eligible for free childcare.

You will need to take your ‘letter of entitlement’ with you as evidence of the benefits you are currently receiving.

Telephone Kent CFIS on FREEPHONE 08000 323230 to find out the location of your nearest Children’s Centre.

information correct at date of issue: 1st August 2012.

Vacancies available………

Under 2′s Room

no vacancies at present

Over 2′s Room

no vacancies at present, fully booked until summer 2014.

if you wish to put your child’s name down on our waiting list, please contact us, taking bookings for sessions in September 2014.

places for funding for 2′s  (terms apply) and 3 year old funding available…….

Closure Dates 2014

Friday 18th April (Good Friday)

Monday 21st April (Easter Monday)

Monday 5th May

Monday 26th May

Monday 25th August